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Parent Support Services


Congolese Link Worker

Our Congolese Link Worker is here to:

Make a cultural bridge between home and school

Work with you, as parents, to develop ways to support and encourage your daughter with her learning

Work with your daughter to help her to reach her full potential  through group and one-to-one discussion

Promote good relationships between parents and school staff

Provide information, advice and guidance to support you as parents

Our Link Worker will also organise a range of services to meet the specific needs of Congolese pupils and parent(s)/Carer(s) at La Sainte Union.

These may include:

For Parent(s)/Carer(s) 
helping to understand the UK education system, including SEND and post-16 provision
how to deal with cultural clashes
coping with teenage issues and inter-generational conflict
setting boundaries
giving information about English classes and how to get into the job market

For Pupils
supporting learning and helping to achieve potential
guiding and mentoring young people about teenage issues
inter-generational conflict
cultural clashes
drug and alcohol abuse

If you would like to speak or meet with the Congolese Link Worker, please contact: 0207 428 4600  or email Ms S. Bokaa N'Kalende at